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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  November 6, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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they share that sense of loss and the grieving. and they don't tell you to just move on. you can't just move on. >> reporter: once again, they'll be taking care of each other. stay with us for "good morning america," coming up at 7:00. chris cuomo brings us stories of the survivors, when he reports live from ft. hood. our coverage conti it isy should come under fire at an army base on american soil. >> the deadly aftermath at the shooting of a major army posts. >> we will allow the latest details of the gunman and what prompted the gunfire. "good morning washington" begins
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right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good friday morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. we will have all the news in just a moment. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it is a chilly start. >> ac crisp start this morning. 37 in middleburg. 35 in rockville. a cool start today. nothing but sunshine. a bit breezy. it does get warmer for the weekend. sunshine sticks around. let's check in with lisa baden. montgomery county it still has of the issues. >> it sounds like they may have the computer system repaired. an announcement was made that
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they had a major breakthrough in the system controls the traffic system in montgomery county. let's ke our fingers crossed that things are running more smoothly this morning. they are part now in montgomery county. a very nice ride in virginia. no incidents to report on 95. we will take you to a camera in springfield, up virginia, where things look great on 95. >> thank you. our top stories, the aftermath of the deadly attack at fort hood. here is the latest. the suspected gunman, major nidal malik hasan, is still alive. he is under guard at a texas hospital and is expected to survive. an army spokesperson raised the death toll, 13 people have now died in this attack. 30 others were hurt.
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overnight, received brand-new video of the man police say carried out the attack. thiss him buying breakfast just hours before he attacked. we are learning new details about his local ties. >> he was born in virginia. his family still lives here. they say they're shocked by what happened. courtney robinson begins our coverage. good morning. >> good morning. out here at the family's home, officers are guarding them, making sure people do not walk up to the doors. major nidal hasan to have significt ties to this area. he was a graduate of virginia tech and received several degrees from area universities including a master's degree just last year. many people are asking why this man, a major in the army, a
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mental health expert, turned on his brothers in arms. moments of terror. the man officials suspect as the gunman, a 39-year-old army major nidal malik hasan. he has ties to our area. his family lives in virginia. he served at walter reed and had a fellowship before being transferred to fort hood. >> i am shocked. he seemed so calm. he was never upset with everything. >> this woman lived next door and said they moved out six months ago. some say he was a devout muslim. this video shows major hasan just hours before the shooting. the owner said he knew hasan well. he was concerned about a possible deployment.
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>> soldiers were waiting for medical treatment. it was a large waiting area. that is what you get the high number of casualties. >> arms with two handguns, he hit a place where many soldiers were waiting to go for typical checkups before deployment. officials have yet to pinpoint an official notice of, what made a man turned on his brothers and sisters in uniform. the family not speaking wit the media this morning. th are speaking with investigators. his first cousin said, we are filled with grief. our family loves america. we are proud of our country. they are speaking with federal agents. one of those red flags officials pointed out in these blocks that hasan allegedly wrote was him
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comparing a suicide bombing and other threats to throwing himself in front of one of his comrades. >> i wonder if the military monitors soldiers' blogs. >> in fact, they do monitor these blocks. i have read several articles were the have gone in. there are also agencies that monitor myspace pages, facebook pages of military officers, as well. >> thankou. the shooting is a blow to the u.s. military. fort hood has had the highest number of suicides, 10 so far this year. more than 75 have taken their own lives since 2003. most of the deaths resulted from multiple shootings. president obama called the shootings a horrific outburst of
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violence. the president will visit soldiers this afternoon. this is his first visit to walter reed as president. the visit was scheduled before the shooting at fort hood. team coverage continues. we will have more local reaction. then we will go live to the military for the latest developments. the commute should be much smoother in montgomery county. engineers have fixed the computer glitch. it caused a miss timing of trfic lights causing gridlock. engineers reestablished in connection with the computer system. buses will offer free rides today. 41 degrees. >> will jobless rates jump? wall street and main streets away the reports. corpse will tell you what the transit system is fighting a pay
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raise. >> i am live in old town this morning work is currently 41 degrees but much cooler elsewhere. we will talk numbers and a warming trend. ( sighs )
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5:10 a.m. on this lovely friday morning. we have that clear skies and a lot of sunshine. a little on the cool side. unseasonably cool. we're looking down king street here. we're checking in at 42 degrees. it is cooler elsewhere. temperatures will likely drop a few more degrees before sunrise. culpeper, 44. that is a little warmer due to added clouds. 34 in rockville. cooler in some locations further north and west. mostly sunny skies. only in the lower 50's this afternoon. by sunday, we're talking mid to upper 60's. a lot i look forward to. >> excuse me. i just sneeze. everything is great. there was a breakthrough in the
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montgomery county traffic signals. we're expecting a near normal rush hour. for your dining and dancing pleasure, we show you these cameras. good at the dulles toll road. nice on route 7. quiets in virginia on 95. >> thank you. metro is appealing binding arbitration on its largest union contract. metro should give union members a lump sum payment for lester equivalent to 2% of their annual salaries and they should give 3% raises for each of the next three years. metro agreed to pay the lump- sum. they are anticipating a 1 and $44 million budget gap next year. 5:12, up 44 degrees. >> putting the brakes on the hon.
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one neighborhood says speed traps are not safe. " we will preview the crucial test in today's top stories.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, the army psychiatrist accused in a shooting rampage at fort hood is under military guard at a texas hospital. the death toll is now up to 13 and 30 others were wounded. major nidal malik hasan was reportedly upset about an upcoming deployments to iraq.
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>> relief is on the w to americans whose benefits were set to expire. an additional 20 weeks of benefits. the first-time home buyer tax credit is also extended. >> president obama is postponing his visit to capitol hill until tomorrow. the american medical association and the aar are ap now back in the health care bill. thousands of conservatives rallied against it. >> traffic cops are becoming a bond issue. -- traffic humps are becoming a big issue. they cost $3,500 each. some said they were a hazard. others said they were glad to have the cars slow down. >> they are poor people live and kids are walking to school. >> we are having people grinding
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their bumpers on the street. >> crews replaced the four-inch high homs with lower ones. 5:16. your traffic and weather together eve 10 minutes. >> we will start out with lisa baden and hoping for big improvements over yesterday. >> in virginia, we do not have any accidents to report. 95, 395, 66 are all good. the capital beltway is also quiet. repairs were made last night to the montgomery county traffic system. there are still saying buses will remain free today. we jump on over to a camera to show you the volume is increasing. we need captned by the national captioning institute will now head over to the weather center. >> i am happy they have the traffic situation under control.
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we do have some chilly air in place. upper 30's to near 40. tonight, you'll see the cold air settle in. we will see numbers in the 30's and a couple of 20's. we have seen the cold air numbers in the early morning. we have not seen them in the district or southern maryland. that could happen tonight. south of town, one system will be moving out. it does look like a shift in the pattern. warmer air is moving in for the weekend. areas will be affected that have not yet seen a freeze as far as the late fall is concerned. warmer on sunday, the best day, near 70. >> thank you. child birth, is it taking over the internet? >> the droid its stores.
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>> a big day for verizon wireless. it's highly acclaimed droid phone goes on sale today. it is the first smart phone to run on google's software. the ares is $100 vs $200 for the droid. it has a touch screen. there is a new gadget for people who cannot get enough of twitter. twitter peek is devoted entirely to trading. we have been testing it out. >> there are a couple of problems. it was slow. delivery of messages was inconsistent. the other thing is price. who will spend $99 for it, especially if you own a smart phone and you can already
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access sweater? >> thanks to sites like facebook, people seem more willing to share the details of their life online. a minnesota woman will broadcast the birth of her first child live on momslikeme. she has been blogging about this and she wants to teach using herself as a textbook. there is a new iphone app, the cry translator. it is designed to figure out exactly what a baby is crying in just 10 seconds. it can tell the difference between five different types of pricing. it can tell if your baby is stressed or board. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i hope there are new moms out there that need that.
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>> what will they think of next backs your time is 5:20. >> the attacks on dan snyder. some are getting extreme. we will tell you what a legendary redskin had to say about him. some employees came to his defense. >> later on "oprah," results from the karaoke challenge.
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good morning. john riggins is speaking out again. he was a guest on a show when he made these comments about dan snyder. >> this is a bad guy that owns this team. a bad guy. if the commissioner is worrying about the new owners, he might want to police his own in side loft. >> there is a fine line from being a bad guy and a bad general manager. are you saying the nfl needs to ticket looked at him? >> his heart is dark. >> meanwhile, a pleasure felt compelled to defend his owner. he said dan snyder is a good guy and that he does a lot of positive guys. i will keep you posted. there is your look at sports. >> getting intense. 5:24.
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bracing for the latest unemployment reports. linda bell joins us live from new york. good morning. >> happy friday to you. today is job friday. taking a look at stock index futures, they are little changed as investors wait from the latest from the labor department. they probably cut the fewest jobs in more than a year last month. the report will say unemployment continues to climb, putting the rates at 9.9%. fannie mae is asking for an additional $15 billion in government aid. they posted a loss of almost $19 billion in the third quarter. fannie mae said they continue to see a dramatic surge as the unemployment climbs. they were seized by regulators.
5:26 am
it owns or guarantees more than 20% of the u.s. home loan market. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. 5:25, 41 degrees. the news continues. >> still ahead, a fight over adult stores in old town. some people wanting sex shop to shut down. >> shocking new numbers on the global swine flu. >> i am brian van de graaff. we do have sunshine returning today. it is here for the whole weekend. ( sighs )
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and welcome back. 5:28 is your time and the friday morning. >> we will have more on the massacre at fort hood. but first, your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> chilly this morning. it will be colder tonight. for the weekend, nothing but sunshine and a warming trend. >> you have a redskins time. >> i . >> joe gibbs in his first season -- >> 41 in indian head. some of the suburbs will see highs in the low 50's. >> ♪ it is a lovely
5:30 am
day today ♪ montgomery county has repaired the computer system. buses are still free today, though. things moving nicely along 270. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. we fault developments from the deadly shooting at fort hood. the alleged shooter nidal malik hasan spent years living in our area. pamela brown is live in silver spring. how was the community responding? >> this muslim community center is where nidal hasan visited an often parade here. those who prayed here at the center with an say he was quiet and kept to himself. one person who knew him best said the army psychiatrist never seemed to be controversial. he said on a couple of occasions
5:31 am
he would come and look for a woman to marry. he said he wanted to find a woman who was a very religious. they rarely discuss the politics. he is shocked by the tragic that infolded yesterday. there is a prayer service within the hour. we hope to have more reaction for you in the 6:00 hour. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the council on american- islamic relations says they are condemning the attack. they released a statement saying, no political or religious ideology could ever justify or excuse such indiscriminate violence. other military bases around the country are stepping up security, including quantico. personnel have been put on high alert. the base is taking proper measures to insure safety.
5:32 am
the evidence does not indicate that yesterday's attack had a terror connection. experts are warning people not to rush to judgment. >> it is an isolated incident. muslim soldiers are seen on a regular basis attacking other soldiers, but that is n the case. muslims have serve bravely. unfortunately, this will have a blow back. >> we have more from fort hood still ahead, includg a closer look at the victims. for updates, you can log on to our web site, governor martin o'malley's job approval ratings is down. it is n at 48%, up five points lower than a poll in october of last year. the new poll shows only 39% of
5:33 am
voters want to see o'malley reelected next year. new developments in the case of a woman who's adopted daughters were found dead in the freezer. the biological father has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the district, seeking $75 million in damages. they allege the daughters were not protected from an unfit mother. two prince george's volunteer firefighters are under arrest, charged with arson. they are accused of intentionally setting fire to a vacant home in riverdale back in march of last year and then returning moments later to help put it out. they have been suspended and they face more than potentially 50 years in prison. dramatic new numbers about
5:34 am
the spread of infection. the h1n1 strain is the most predominant worldwide. that is no surprise to the thousands of people already sick are trying to avoid it. matt brock is live with more on this. >> we know the swine flu is making its mark in this country. researchers are finding it is making a mark world wide. seven of every 10 flu cases are likely to swine flu. it is astounding how quickly this virus has spread. doctors say in some countries, swine flu accounts for up to 70% of flu viruses they sample. it appears to be pretty stable, not developing into something even more lethal. this strain is almost the opposite of most flu viruses.
5:35 am
it is problematic for younger folks. here at home, there is a report of a school closing. st. hugh's in greenbelt will be closed because of a staff shortage due to illness. the search for vaccination continues. the vaccines are reserved for party patients like pregnant women and folks with other underlying health problems. the district is still holding a swine flu clinic although there are fewer of them. loudoun county has a clinic scheduled for tomorrow in leesburg. it is for pregnant women and children. more widespread availability for the vaccine is sometime around november 23. >> thank you. 5:35 on this friday. 40 degrees. >> a new regulation could cause
5:36 am
a sex shop -- could closed a sex shop in old town. >> there are still so many questions rrounding the worst massacre in fort hood's history. i will have that story coming up. >> we will check the skies and the streets.
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>> hello. i am cindy. we teach students about all different kinds of animal careers. >> good morning, washington. whoo! welcome back. 5:38 is your time. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam is in your neck of the woods, old town, alexander. >> when do they turn on the christmas lights on the tree? normally there on all the way down king street. they are not on. >> i do not know for sure. but that is so pretty. >> i am sure there will putting them on surely. it is still a beautiful morning. the water is still little bit warmer than the air this time of year. it does keep the waterway is warmer than the surrounding outlining areas. right now we're checking in at
5:40 am
42 degrees. let's look at some of the numbers elsewhere. 30's in many locations. middleburg, 37. warrenton, under a light cloud deck. calm winds everywhere. the weekend will seek a warm up, into the mid to upper 60's by sunday, maybe even hitting 70 by monday. i know the commute is better than yesterday. >> i noticed you are wearing gloves today. >> it is the time of year. >> you need to plan on that. ok. we are great in montgomery county. they managed to make repairs to the traffic signals. things are operating in a normal fashion. this is virginia with the normal volume on 66 into fair oaks.
5:41 am
this is 95 into springfield. >> tha you. plans for a light rail line along 270 are gaining speed. a new study found a light rail or bus system would drop as many as 42,000 daily passengers. that makes them eligible for federal money. it would be too expensive to compete for government funds. outside we have 40 degrees. a closer look at the victims of yesterday's rampage at an army post. >> a busy night for coach joe girardi. we will explain. >> unemployment could top 10%.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," wh doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic.
5:45 am
this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top stories. one more person has died after being injured during the shooting rampage in fort hood. the death toll now stands at 13. the accused shooter, nidal malik hasan, a psychiatrt's , is alive and in stable condition. >> the entente -- the unemployment rate is a scheduled to rise in september. they will release the numbers later this morning. the number of new jobless claims fell to the lowest level in 10 months last week. >> a referendum giving gay couples expanded rights has been approved in washington state. rights that were previously granted to heterosexual couples.
5:46 am
a battle is underway in alexander under sex shops. old town has two such shops. one of moved in a year ago. a second opens recently. in the business is beneficial. others want to keep things more conservative. >> it is a family community and a community town. i am glad to see a lot of stores filling up the spaces. >> planning officials gathered to explain how to regulate these sex shops. they propose a zoning amendment in the future. 5:46 on this friday. you made it to friday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden deserves a friday. there have been many problems this week. >> that is what we have is week in virginia, no tractor-
5:47 am
trailer in since this morning. we're great on 66 between manassas and the yen a. month permit county is back on track with traffic signals -- great on 66 between manassas and vienna. it is a good ride leaving germantown down to the beltway. to our fellow from minnesota wearing gloves this morning. >> i have the old clothes on. we are in old town this morning on king street. a lot of people are jogging by. old town must be a healthy city. currently, 42 degrees. we are also along the water, close to it. that does affect the temperature. it keeps it a little bit warmer this time of year. elsewhere, temperatures are below a bit cooler.
5:48 am
mclean, 37. notice the rainfall totals from yesterday. we had the afternoon clouds rolling in just sprinkles dropping small amounts of rain around the area. reagan national, .01 of an inch. rain free for the next several days. highs in the lower 50's is the best we can do. about eight degrees below average. we do have a lot the i look forward to this upcoming weekend temperature-wise especially. let's check with brian for more on that. >> they want to know if you picked up that jacket at the store. >> kirkland brand? correct this said we had some deals.
5:49 am
i ran into dock at costco and a man came up and checked out my part. >> is it exciting lives we live? going to big stores on wednesday. pretty exciting. >> i had a huge loads of diapers. i had a huge loads of laundry detergent. >> outside, we do have high pressure building in. it will be a chilly one with lots of sunshine. sunny and milder for saturday. well into the 60's on sunday. that is the weather. that leaves alison and doug. >> thank you. it is time to go to the live at desk and philip stewart is here today. he has some of the stories we will n see it on the front
5:50 am
page. >> i wish i had costco stores. we do have a positive story. yankees manager joe girardi is being praised as a good samaritan. he stopped to help a driver who got into a car crash early thursday morning just hours after his teamclinched game 6. he pulled over and talks to a woman until authorities arrived. first responders said they were amazed to see the coach there just hours after his big world series win. according to a new study, by phone users find cool gadgets more attractive than college degrees and have no problems texting or e-mail a breakup. they compared iphone owners to blackberry users. compare with other cell phone
5:51 am
users, iphone owners are more likely to see themselves as extroverts and intellectuals. the study sample was too small to be accurate for scientific findings. i think it applies to anyone who was constantly on their phone. >> people are walking down the street totally -- i do not know if that is my generation. >> i am trying to brag that stereotype. if you're trying to break up with someone on an iphone, is like doing that on an answering machine. >> or teletype. [laughter] >> all right, philip, i think so much. ( piano music playing )
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coming up tonight, why women should care about health care reform. we will tell you why women pay more for health care and to be penalized if they have been the victims of violence. this is important information you need to have. tonight at 5:00. a few stories to watch out for. a judge will hold a hearing to look into the death of ronnie white. he died shortly after his
5:55 am
arrest. his father alleges a cover-up. >> the frederick county health department will hands out 800 flu shots. it is by appointment only. >> metro riders, they will perform some major track maintenance on the orange, blue, and yellow lines. you should add 30 minutes to your trip. a gunman shot and killed 12 people and wounded more than 30 others. we have a closer look now at the victims of the violence. good morning. >> good morning. the shock of what happened yesterday has given way to grief. one of those injured in the attacks has now died. this all happened yesterday afternoon. these soldiers in this area had no idea it one of their own, an
5:56 am
army psychiatrist, was armed with handguns and started a rampage that ultimately killed 13 and injured 30. it ended when a female police officer shot and injured the gunman. police say nidal malik hasan is in stable condition. he was supposed to be deployed to eriraq. the female police officer was herself a shooting victim. she underwent surgery yesterday. she is said to be recovering. i do not have to tell you people regard her as courageous. >> we know this guy was a devout muslim and s expressed opposition to the war. what else are you learning about him? >> he is an army psychiatrist. he was in the military since 1977. he had never been deployed. this would have been his first
5:57 am
deployment. his family was not quite sure about his feelings for deployment. he felt strongly about the war. he compared suicide bombers to a soldier who threw himself on a live grenade. we're just going to have to wait and see what investigators find out. we're hoping to find out more at a news conference later this morning. >> thank you. there is a lot more still to come in our second hour. >> it is wedding bells for d.c.'s schools chancellor. we will tell you about her romance. >> the soldier army officials carried out the worst shooting at a military installation has ties to our area. i am courtney robinson and i'll have a closer look at nidal malik hasan. >> lisa baden will be back with
5:58 am
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i am shocked. he seemed so calm. he was never upset with everything. >> more questions than answers at a deadly rampage. >> more questions than answers at a deadly rampage. " we will tell